1. stationaryrace

  2. the season of lost buttons
    offthesky & radere

  3. la bella dea

  4. breathing
    offthesky & ryonkt

  5. exit to anywhere

  6. 85%
    offthesky, isnaj dui & orla wren

  7. through the lines

  8. Afar, Farewell
    Offthesky & Man Watching the Stars

  9. the lowern decay

  10. the curio collection
    offthesky and kinder scout

  11. i will love you, always
    offthesky & radere

  12. changeyourprocess

  13. fluorescence - re release

  14. the writing life
    kinder scout

  15. the door in the wall

  16. boy with the golden cough

  17. the beautiful nowhere

  18. endless yonder

  19. subtle trees

  20. a dream in a dream

  21. gift i

  22. to all the twelve year old girls who buy our tapes
    offthesky & ten and tracer

  23. hiding nature

  24. flyover sound
    offthesky & billy gomberg

  25. fluorescene (original)

  26. suspended
    offthesky & darren mcclure

  27. creek caught fire

  28. form.creek

  29. iterate i.

  30. subtle trees (original)

  31. !escape kit!
    offthesky & juxta phona

  32. dwelling spells

  33. rare decay

  34. du soliel

  35. evolute of an ion apple (in four parts)

  36. it is impossible to say just what i mean

  37. cumulae movement

  38. on aerial archetype

  39. the geist cycles

  40. we all fall down
    offthesky & the circular ruins

  41. gently down the stream

  42. caustic light studies ep

  43. cold distances

  44. studies of lifeform in transit

  45. sketchbook

  46. further to find closer
    jason corder & beta2agonist

  47. autunno
    jason corder & opium

  48. the present day
    jason corder & opium

  49. microcosmos
    jason corder

  50. forever sparrow
    color cassette

  51. small town smoker
    color cassette

  52. the transitions
    color cassette (formerly color by numbers)

  53. besides i rest now
    social system

  54. autumn > spring
    social system

  55. trial of errors
    social system

  56. !@#&%!
    aeris ash

  57. excerpt from extract (redux)
    shelter's end

  58. under the fable of meaning

  59. inconnu
    zen savauge

  60. contrast
    zen savauge


offthesky Denver

offthesky is experimental sound artist jason corder - from denver colorado. jason has been performing and producing electronic music for 15 years. he's toured europe and canada and has released on labels from 12k.term to zymogen.
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